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Kobra VS

External encrypted hard disks and USB-C memory sticks with approval by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for classified data up to

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Secure encrypted external storage for the public and
private sector

The Kobra VS storage devices correspond to the current state of the technology, as regulated by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), and enable the GDPR compliant data storage, data retention, forwarding and secure transport of sensitive, personal and classified information up to the classification level VS-NfD (German public sector classification), RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED and NATO RESTRICTED.

Security mechanisms
The confidentiality of the data is assured by the following security mechanisms:
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256-bit AES full-disk hardware encryption in XTS mode using two 256-bit crypto keys

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Access Control

Two-factor authentication via smartcard and PIN according to the principle "having and knowing"

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Cryptographic Keys Management

Administration of the cryptographic keys by the Users: Create, Modify and Destroy

User management by the administrator

The administrator can integrate and delete users, set read and write permissions, manage time-out and lock-out functions, and manage the number of failed attempts for PIN entries. In addition, the administrator functions can be locked for the users.

Existing PKI smartcards can be integrated

In addition to DIGITTRADE smartcards, existing PKI-based company ID-, Service- and Troop ID smartcards can be used for authentication. In terms of confidentiality, all data stored on the KOBRA VS storage device is protected against unauthorized access in case of loss or theft of the device.

GDPR compliant

Sensitive, classified and personal data and information can be stored in full compliance to the GDPR.

Transparent use

Hardware encryption means that all data is automatically and immediately stored in encrypted form without any loss of performance.

Independent of the operating systems

  1. All security features are fully implemented in the Kobra VS storage devices, so they work with all known operating systems and multimedia devices.
  2. Kobra VS storage devices are bootable and can be used for the simultaneous storage of an operating systems and of sensitive, classified data
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