Kobra VS storage devices

External encrypted hard disks and USB-C memory sticks with approval by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for classified data up to

German VS-NfD

The KOBRA VS storage devices are encrypted USB-C memory sticks, hard disks and SSDs that correspond to the current state of technology as regulated by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). They enable the GDPR-compliant storage, safeguarding and secure transport of sensitive, personal, classified and confidential data up to the classification level RESTEINT UE/EU RESTRICTED, NATO RESTRICTED and German VS-NfD (classified public sector information) for public authorities and companies. A key feature of the Kobra VS series is the physical separation of the encryption and decryption key and the storage device. The encryption and decryption key is stored on the smartcard, not on the storage device, whereby it is not possible to access the device without being in possession of the smartcard.  

In addition to DIGITTRADE smartcards, existing PKI-based company ID-, Service- and Troop ID Cards can be used for authentication. In terms of confidentiality, all data stored on the Kobra VS storage devices is protected against unauthorized access in case of loss or theft of the device.

Mobile access to classified, sensitive data

  1. Users cannot bypass encryption
  2. Simple and secure
  3. Transparent and operating system independent

Security mechanisms


  1. 256-bit AES full-disk hardware encryption in XTS mode using two 256-bit crypto keys

Access control:

  1. Patented 2-Factor-Authentication by smartcard (internal card-reader) and PIN according to the principle of „having and knowing“

Management of the encryption key:

  1. Creation, modification and destruction by user
  2. HW-based random number generator
  3. External generation and calculation

User management by administrator:

  1. Integrate and delete users
  2. Read / write authorisation
  3. Time-out, lock-out, number of failed attempts
  4. Locking the administrator functions

Technical information:

  1. Integrated power supply
  2. Execution of many functions without PC connection
  3. Simple operation, maintenance and support free
  4. Modern USB-C connection
  5. Compatible with USB 3.0 & 2.0
  6. Operating system independent and bootable
  7. No performance limitations

Optional Configuration:

  1. Laser engraving of logo, inventory numbers, scanable QR codes, designations or similar according to customer
  2. Custom USB VID, PID & Serial Number
  3. Integration of other PKI-based ID cards or smartcard sof the client

Additional Security Features:

  1. Distribution of roles between administrator and user
  2. Management software Kobra Client VS
  3. External generation and calculation of cryptographic keys on the smartcard
  4. Upto 6 (Kobra Stick VS) and up to 10 (Kobra Drive VS) smartcards (PKI cards) can be integrated
  5. Automatic encryption of all data, boot sectors, temporary files and partitions in real time
  6. Automatic formatting after key change
  7. Read-Only Mode mechanism
  8. Time out function (1 to 30min)
  9. Lock-Out and Quick-Out functions
  10. Sturdy metal housing protected against splash water

Security certificate:

  1. NATO Restricted, EU Restricted and
    VS-NfD (German Public Sector Classification)

Independent of operating systems

  1. All security features are fully implemented in the Kobra VS storage devices, therefore they work with all known operating systems and multimedia devices
  2. Kobra VS storage devices are bootable and can be used for simultaneous storage of operating systems and data

Kobra Stick VS

Front view of the Kobra Stick VS

Encrypted USB-C data storage stick with German VS-NfD BSI approval

PKI integration:

  1. Up to 6 (PKI)

Memory sizes:

  1. MLC 16GB up to 512GB
  2. pSLC 8GB up to 128GB

Read/write speed:

  1. Up to 120 MB/s


  1. 81 g


  1. 8,4 cm x 2,7 cm x 1,4 cm

Kobra Drive VS

Front view of the Kobra Drive VS

External encrypted HDD / SSD with German VS-NfD approval

PKI integration:

  1. Up to 10 (PKI)

Memory sizes:

  1. HDD 1TB, 2TB
  2. SSD 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB and 16TB

Read/write speed:

  1. HDD up to 80 MB/s
  2. SSD up to 250 MB/s


  1. HDD 415 g
  2. SSD 363 g


  1. 13,2 cm x 7,7 cm x 2,1 cm
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