Secure Mobile Workplace

Boot your workstation directly from the Kobra VS storage device on the laptop or PC of your choice.

  1. Integrated power supply enables pre-boot authentication
  2. Encrypted installation of operating systems on Kobra VS storage devices
  3. Flexible change of purpose from laptop/PC
  4. pSLC memory recommended to ensure the longest possible lifespan
  5. When the storage device is disconnected from the PC, the data remains encrypted and is stored only on the Kobra VS storage device.

The following operating systems have been successfully tested and work correctly:

Windows 11 logo

Windows 11

Windows 10 logo

Windows 10

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IGEL OS logo


Qubes OS logo

Qubes OS

Parrot OS logo

Parrot OS

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Kali Linux

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Chrome OS Flex

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Cent OS

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Linux Lite

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Linux Mint

Zorin OS logo

Zorin OS

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